Malaysian Influencer & Youtuber YBB Tries To Commit Suicide Jump Off A Building, same time Her Fans Claimed being Scam For buying Cheap Designer Branded Bags

Malaysian Influencer & Youtuber Yang Bao Bei 杨宝贝 Tries To Commit Suicide Jump Off A Building, same time Her Fans Claimed being Scam For buying Cheap Designer Branded Bags

Word on the street has it that the Malaysian YouTuber had tried to commit suicide earlier today (Saturday, 17th April), somewhere between 11am – 12:30pm.

According to China Press, the woman had attempted to jump off a building from a 5th floor of an apartment in Puchong. Fortunately, 8 firemen from the Serdang Fire and Rescue Station were able to arrive at the scene to rescue the distress lady.

From the video, we can see that a fire fighter had climbed out and was comforting the woman. After persuading the woman from taking her own life, they successfully took her to a safe location. Since then, she’s been attended by a doctor. Police are also looking into the case on what prompted this female public figure to go to a dark place.

It is suspected that the female influencer is 27-year-old YBB (杨宝贝). Shortly before her suicide attempt, she bid her followers goodbye on her Telegram group with the message saying that “only death can atone for sins”.

Just a week before, she had complaint online that her ex-boyfriend had cheated on her while they were still together – which pissed her off. Her last Instagram post was her declaration of being single and not needing to be in an unhealthy relationship.

It is also understood that her bubble tea business had ended last year due to poor business after being affected by the pandemic.

On the other hand , there are many posting online regarding YBB scamming her fans for selling cheap branded beg. Uncountable Malaysians posted their bank transaction receipt from averagely RM 2000 to RM 3500 to her bank account. After paying her they do not receive the beg. She continue giving excuses and stop replying to many after receiving their money.

We truly sympathize with what happen to her lately. But we also hope that she can pay back those that she have con their money ( if only ) as now during pandemic and times are bad. If she is financially struggling then everybody is also financially not doing well. Assuming averagely RM 2000 per person multiply by 100 then it will be easily RM 200 000.

By committing suicide you will not be able to atone for your sins. Only by staying alive to find a mechanism and ways to slowly return back all the money that you have owe then only you can atone for your sins. By acting suicide ( if ) then assuming that you do not pay back those money then this sin is unforgivable. The only way to atone for your sin is discuss properly with your buyer to request for additional timing , payment structure and etc. Apologise and take time to pay them back.

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