Malaysian need todo is Stay Home, Watch HBO, Take Care Family

Malaysian need todo is Stay Home, Watch HBO, Take Care Family
Malaysia Prime Minister urge all Malaysian to Stay Home, Watch HBO, Take Care Family. Everyone need todo one thing now, only one action, STAY HOME. This is the only way we can break the infection chain, to contain all the infected, segregate them and give treatment.
In the latest LIVE in TV, Prime Minister repeated few times (around 5times) “Please stay home”. This is the time for you to stay home, not cuti cuti Malaysia, not time to Balik Kampung (back to hometown). Please stay home to take care your own family, and watch HBO (wonder beside HBO, can I watch other channel?).
What if Malaysian do not stay home during this LockDown Period?
Don't Balik Kampung now, Don't endanger your hometown people.
This table above might look not related to you at all, but look seriously, the data, the number of infected is catching up the same rate with Italy pervious data. Italy happens to have lot of movement across the country during the outbreak which lead to more serious problem, which make the infection lost control.

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