Danny Tse Wei Chun and Teo Sze Ting were announced as the first and fifth place winners of the 2021 Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) World Championship

KUALA LUMPUR, 24 November 2021
Malaysian students – Danny Tse Wei Chun and Teo Sze Ting were announced as the first and fifth place winners
of the 2021 Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) World Championship, upon competing with over 65,000 contestants
from 65 countries to display their superiority in digital communications skills by using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator,
and InDesign.
In the final round of the global competition held from 16-18 November, all the finalists were given a period of six
hours to come up with three marketing asset designs and were marked based on visual appeal, ability to meet
the client’s requirements, brand aesthetics, as well as their professional usage of Adobe Creative Cloud
applications. Danny Tse Wei Chun of UTAR Sg. Long was chosen as the victor among 51 finalists at the 2021
ACA World Championship for his outstanding ability to creatively deliver the message of non-profit client –
Limbitless Solutions, through digital illustrations.
The winners of the 2021 ACA World Championship were announced by Certiport, the leading provider of
performance-based IT certification exams that accelerate academic and career opportunities for learners. The
grand prize of the competition was $7,000 for the first-place winner, $3,500 for the second place, and $1,500 for
the third.
The 2021 ACA World Champion’s ranking are as follows:
• First place, Danny Tse Wei Chun, Malaysia
• Second place, Gustavo Souza, Brazil
• Third place, Gina Anjarizky Amalia, Indonesia
• Fourth place, Anh Duong Viet, Vietnam
• Fifth place, Sze Ting Teo, Malaysia
• Sixth place, Jake Owens, USA
• Seventh place, Bodan Kostov, North Macedonia
• Eighth place, Ieong Meng, Macau
• Ninth place, Catherine Noelia Guere Rojas, Peru
• Tenth place, Duy Bui Dinh, Vietnam

Natalie Sit, Founder of Creative Cloud Community (CCC) said, “Heartiest congratulations to our Champions for
claiming the world’s first and fifth spots respectively! They have made Malaysia proud, and it is proof that our
nation is filled with young talents that excel in design and digital communications. The efforts my team and I have
put into producing exceptional talents to represent Malaysia in the world championship these past two years,
through the MCO, with limited resources, have paid off. We are extremely proud of them.”
Creative Cloud Community (CCC), a social enterprise in Malaysia is no stranger when it comes to youth
empowerment through educational competitions as they have been spearheading the well coveted ACA
Championship Malaysia for 6 years in a row. These competitions also carry the objective of equipping students
with worldwide recognized industry certifications which will enhance their career locally and internationally.
YB Datuk Seri Dr. Noraini binti Ahmad, Minister of Higher Education (MOHE), said, “What a magnificent
performance our young champions have put up, hats off to them. I hope this success will motivate and inspire
more students from all sectors to put themselves out there and showcase their talents to the world. This

competition has shown that Malaysia is filled with talented young individuals that are capable of world-class
Acestar group, being the expert in the creative industry is Adobe’s only Platinum Partner in Malaysia, and a Sole
Distributor for Certiport business in Malaysia – Eg, Adobe Certified Associate, Microsoft Office Specialist, and
more. By giving back to the community, Acestar utilizes its resources to support CCC annually for its spearheading
of ACA Championship Malaysia.

Ray Murray, Vice President and General Manager – IT, Pearson VUE, said, “Creativity is one of the most sought-
after skills by employers. These student competitors have demonstrated an astounding level of talent in the Adobe

“Not even a virtual competitive environment could slow down these students. Seeing what these finalists are able
to create in just six hours, it’s apparent that they have a deep understanding of digital design concepts and can
put their Adobe skills to use in a real-world setting,” he added.
“We enjoy participating in the Adobe Certified Associate World Championship every year, not only to see the
wonderful projects created, but also to connect with ambitious, creative students who are launching their careers
with industry-recognized certifications,” said Tacy Trowbridge, Global Education Programs Lead at Adobe.
Next year, the national competition will return as ACP (Adobe Certified Professional) Championship Malaysia
2022 – a rebrand of “ACA”, launching on 16 February 2022. Educational institutions can already enroll by
emailing [email protected] or contacting +6018-350 8622.
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