M'BAR make impossible become I'm Possible

Day 28 of Movement Control Orders, everyone is away from their ordinary work and job for 28days, without work, without income (even though some getting their salary from employer, but I trust there are group do not). Some people start to feel annoying, and started to blame on the Covid-19 virus, blame on the infected person, blame here and there, but that do not change the situation, it can only make it worst.
I always say, if the world do not change, you should be the one changing, change your lifestyle, change your mindset and even change your business model. Is not easy to change your own daily routine, and business model, it take courage to do.
Master Chef Dong take initiative to charge on changing his career from “Fulltime Chef” to “Chef & Online TV Host”, he also the appointed Chef Host for AL Media ChannelEats My Food Show. Master Chef Dong comes to learn about M’Bar and start consuming it for few days, he found that this could be a good opportunity for him and good product to share with his fans.
M’Bar maintain protein balance in the body, increase satiety and resist the temptation of food. M’Bar contains collagen, rich dietary fiber and premium protein. It is low calorie high fiber meal replacement bar, 100% supplement your nutritional needs.
M’BAR make impossible become I’m Possible, and it is even more possible opportunity for you and anyone during this Movement Control Order, MCO. Chef Dong pick up this opportunity and he do Facebook Live to introduce this good product, and explain the benefit of it.
When everyone can not move around freely, Facebook Live, Youtube Live marketing would be a latest trend now. Now is a good timing to build up your brands, and reach out to more audience/prospects.
If you wish to hear from Chef Dong and watch his Live Show, Check out his Facebook.

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