MCO funny Short-form mobile videos contest

MCO funny Short-form mobile videos contest
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MCO funny Short-form mobile videos contest MCO funny Short-form mobile videos contest
1. 无组别分类。
2. 短片以30秒-2分钟之内呈现。
3. 主题:管制令期间的家庭互动,趣味创意,有趣资讯呈现。
4. 影片与音乐内容不能涉及版权问题,若呈现需要引用电影电视等相关素材,需
要特别注明素材来源(画面/音乐/声音截取网络 ,版权归原创所有)。
5. 一个fb账号只能参加一个作品。
6. 作品语言无限制。
7. 短片以三轮方式进行,第一轮由主办方筛选后保留在粉丝专页,第二轮则是由
8. 作品严禁粗话,色情,不当的言行举止。任何涉及不当的作品将在第一轮删
9. 作品最后需附上参赛者facebook 用户名。
10. 作品规格以720p以上,主要播放管道是facebook。
11. 主办当局将拥有与视频有关的所有知识产权,并有权将视频用于我们认为适当
12. 参赛作品上传到Rolling 滚 粉专,主办方发现有不当的内容会直接删除。
Contest Rules & Regulation
The organizer have the rights to amend any rules & regulation, the organizer shall hold the final decision-making.
1. This is a no grouping separation contest
2. The short video shall presented in the lengths of at least 30 seconds & no longer than 2
minutes time.
3. Theme : Family Interaction, Funny & Creative, Interesting information during the MCO
4. Short video must not consist any contents or music that violate any Intellectual property,
if there is necessity to quotes any movies/drama’s content, do special remark where the
sources from ( scene/music/vocal from the internet, copyright reserved )
5. One Facebook account only able to take part in the contest once.
6. There is no restriction in language for the contest.
7. Short Video Judgment will separate into 3 part:
i. contestant are required to upload their video to the fan page, the organizer will check and select the shortlisted contestant’s video to remain in the fan page
ii. Facebook’s user will be the judges by clicking likes to the participant’s video
iii. Positive & Motivated Video’s Content will likely scored higher.
8. Content must not include rude words, sexual content, inappropriate acts. Any video’s that
the organizer found inappropriate will be automatically excluded on the 1st round and
shall not be posted to the page.
9. At the end of the video, must include FB’s User Name & Profile Picture.
10. Video shall be shoot in the format of 720p or above and mainly will be play at
11. The organizer shall own all intellectual property in relation to the video & shall be
entitled to use the video for any purpose as we deem fit。
12. Once found out if there is any inappropriate content from contestant’s video,
organizer may remove the video directly without giving consent to the contestant.

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