Miss Chipao Malaysia 2021 pageant Final

Miss Chipao Malaysia 2021 pageant Final

The finals of Miss Chipao Malaysia 2021 pageant was staged virtually for the very first time tonight. The finals saw 38 finalists competing in 5 categories that included Miss, Mrs, Teen, Little Miss and Little Mister Samfu.
GaiGai Saw, a 27-year-old entrepreneur from Kuala Lumpur was declared the winner of Miss Chipao Malaysia while 45-year-old Caroline William, an entrepreneur from Sabah was declared the winner of Mrs Chipao Malaysia.
Winning the title of Teen Chipao Malaysia was 14-year-old Tan Yu Syn from Selangor, while 8-year-old Allegra Kua Ee Rou from Johore took the title of Little Miss Chipao Malaysia.
In the only male category, 6-year-old Vitas Ng Sen Yan from Selangor was declared as Mister Samfu Malaysia.
The top 3 winners were pre-selected by an esteemed panel of judges. The judges for the competition were Nicole Fe Lynne, Bon Zainal, Alex Lim, Carrie Lee, Carol Lim, Leng Yein, Eleen Yong, Melinda Lee, Ammetta Malhotra, Jan Sit, Tiffany Seow, Rachel Tee, Maya Hejnowska, Raulen Lee, Sherme Paris, Rasta Rashid, Yanekki Tan, Teresa Dian Chew, Dragon, Bkay Nair, Andrew Tan and Evelyn Nadal. The key winners of the Miss & Mrs categories, were selected via live judging after their live Q&A session.
Also appointed as ambassadors for the Miss Chipao Malaysia brand were 6 well know personalities in the competition and talent circuits. Also appointed as a classic ambassador was a participant from Taiwan.
The virtual final organised by the Miss Malaysia Kebaya organisation was held via Zoom and screened LIVE via Miss Chipao Malaysia’s and Rentak Sejuta’s FB pages. Despite some minor technical glitches, the entire 1.5 hour long finals was well received by the contestants and all those who were watching it live.
The crowning of the winners and the prize giving ceremony of the competition will be staged physically on a later date and will be announced by the organiser the soonest.

Complete Results:
Miss Chipao Malaysia 2021:
Winner: GaiGai Saw
Runner Up: Angela Nastasia
2nd Runner Up: Angeline Chong

Mrs Chipao Malaysia 2021:
Winner: Caroline William
Runner Up: Yvonne Yew
2nd Runner Up: Low May Kim
3rd Runner Up: Jesdin Kong

Teen Chipao Malaysia 2021:
Winner: Tan Yu Syn
Runner Up: Ang Zhi Jin
2nd Runner Up: Karmen Hon Kar Woon

Little Miss Chipao Malaysia 2021:
Winner: Allegra Kua Ee Rou
Runner Up: Angelique Tang
2nd Runner Up: Chan May En

Little Mister Samfu Malaysia 2021:
Winner: Vitas Ng Sen Yan
Runner Up: Aiden Wu Wei Kai
2nd Runner Up: Aiden Tan Wen Yu

Popular Vote Winners:
Little Miss: Lee Boo Rong
Little Mister: Ngoo Jun Sheng
Teen: Karen Hon Kar Woon
Mrs: Caroline Williams
Miss: Hee Zi Zhen

Cadi Eng Ji Chin
Chloe Zhiling
Lee Boo Ying
Loretta Dennis
Mag Tsai 蔡多美 (Taiwan)
Christopher Kong
Jessica Arasu

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