Top 100 Talents Magazine Soft Launch and MFMPA 2021 Awards Ceremony

Event:  Top 100 Talents Magazine Soft Launch and MFMPA 2021 Awards Ceremony
Date:    11th April, Sunday
Time:    3pm
Venue: 2nd Floor, Event Space Fahrenheit88, KL

Miss Malaysia Kebaya (MMK) officially launched the ‘Top 100 Talents Magazine’ in support of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture (MOTAC), to recognize and acknowledge exceptional individuals that significantly contributed to the country.

Originators of this project – Dr. Jason Hee Jee Pin, Founder & President of MMK, and Ms. Nicole Fe Lynne, Co-founder of MMK, aims to bring these talents forward to work alongside MOTAC and its agencies (Tourism Malaysia, etc.) to promote local tourism, cultural diversity & heritage, arts, etc.

What is Top 100 Talents Magazine?

“The talents featured on the ‘Top 100 Talents Magazine’ are people who have contributed substantially to the country and are the pride of Malaysia. They deserve all the recognition coming their way, and we aim to inspire and motivate others to take a step into making Malaysia greater than ever,” said Dr. Jason Hee Jee Pin.

Having limited print magazines in Malaysia, the ‘Top 100 Talents Magazine’ serves the unique purpose of applauding deserving individuals, professionals, and brands that have made Malaysia proud through sports, education, singing, dancing, acting, martial arts, musical instruments, poetry, emceeing, among others.
The concept of ‘Top 100 Talents Magazine’ immediately caught the attention of many and quickly earned the support of MOTAC, the Selangor State Government, Entrepreneurs, Pageants, and more. Mohd Izal Mahd Nor, the Tourism Malaysia Central Region Director, represented Tuan Hj Zulkifly, Director General of Tourism Malaysia, at the soft launch event, where he shared Tourism Malaysia’s thoughts on the magazine.

“Miss Malaysia Kebaya’s effort to preserve our diverse culture here in Malaysia and to get more people involved in the process is highly commendable, and we at Tourism Malaysia are open to supporting their initiatives. We hope that the ‘Top 100 Talents Magazine’ will inspire more people to play a part in making Malaysia a better place for everyone,” said Mohd Izal Mahd Nor.

 About Miss Malaysia Kebaya (MMK) 

Miss Malaysia Kebaya (MMK) is a pageant like no other. Founded by Mr. Jason Hee Jee Pin, this yearly event kick-started back in September 2011 in six major states in Malaysia namely Selangor, Penang, Johor, Perak, Wilayah Persekutuan, and Pahang which later progressed to an international competition, the Miss Kebaya World. The initial aim of the competition is to inspire young ladies in Malaysia regardless of their race and religion. Miss Malaysia Kebaya is set to becoming the platform for young talents to learn and grow from exposure to commercial events and advertisements, which they are required to partake during the competition. 

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