Most Annoying Group Wefie photos you'd ever see

by JinnyBoy TV
Group photo, now a day many of us call it “Wefie” and I call it “Usfie”. When a brunch of friends gather together, we loves to take photos, as memory, as proof of gathering or as for sake of taking photo for Facebook sharing.
When we’re enjoying taking Wefie/Usfie, did you know you might cause some people around you feel uneasy. 
As per video above, they’re causing so much trouble to the waiter, and this kind of group photo build happiness onto people suffering, no good. Sometime, as photographer, we used to being asked to take group photo by the client’s guest own handphone/camera, this will take up the time, and cause delay to the whole agenda of wedding. Guest always don’t bother it, and when we don’t show helpful hand, they will comment us as LCLY, not helpful.
Beside putting up your wefie at Facebook to show off, do you actually process it into actual picture and keep? Mostly is NO. Then why taking so much group photo while you don’t treasure it at all. You’re just creating digital waste, so called digital rubbish. This only benefit to Hard-disk manufacturer, such as Western Digital or Seagate.
How to do Wefie without causing problem to others?

  • Have your own wide angle lens camera / camera phone

You can wefie with you own, everyone can just gather closely and take a lovely friend’s photo. That always better than looking straight to the camera.

  • Have your own Selfie Stick

This small and light equipment can help you a lot, but you need to be careful when use it, do not hit anyone when you’re taking Selfie or Wefie.

  • Have a personal photographer

This only apply to girl, who train her boyfriend to be their own personal photographer. When come to group photo, they just a eyes signal, the photographer will do the rest of the job, plus editing and uploading to social media apps.
Selfie, Wefie, Usfie keep our memories and if we do it right, it will be definitely a good happy photo. Happy Photography!

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