Movie reviews by Alan Lim: Drishyam,误杀瞒天记2015,误杀2019

Movie reviews by Alan Lim: Drishyam,误杀瞒天记2015,误杀2019
“I might be no a good husband or father, the least I can do, is to stand in front you all against all odds”
Yes, as a father, the least thing he can do is to protect the family from being hurt by outsider. Drishyam explained this theory in very details way,
Drishyam,误杀瞒天记2015,误杀2019 are the same story in 2 different movie. One is year 2015 Indian Movie, another one is 2019 China movie but movie background at Thailand.
I won’t disclose the detail of the movie, and do not read any spoiler before watching the movie. Please be prepare some tissue beside you as it is kinda touching story.
I personal prefer the Drishyam2015, as it is more realistic and the ending is unexpected. The China version is thrill but the ending is not just what we expected to see.
Do not brings along your Moral ruler together with you, as in this world there isn’t absolute right or wrong, as sometime it seem to be wrong but it is the correct way of solving the problem, where we can settle it with the “Right way”.
Highly recommended to watch these 2 movies, you will knew the true meaning of family.

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