Movie Reviews by Alan Lim: One Night in Bangkok

Movie Reviews by Alan Lim: One Night in Bangkok
One Night in Bangkok, a story that happen in a night at Bangkok City. I do not encourage revenge or killing people, but sometime people manipulate the laws and get away from the justice, which really upset the person or family involved.
No spoiler as usual, I only will discuss about the story and the motive behind the movie. Kai, an ordinary father, former military personnel suffer the lost of his family, and he work on the revenge when the truth being hide, the justice does not served.
Travel far to a foreign country, Bangkok, Thailand, to “settle” the loose end. In the movie, there are so many conversation between the Taxi Driver “E-hailing Driver” with Kai, which make us ponder. The dialogue content is genius, short, but carry lot of emotion, lot of life lesson.
Anyone who can live with as much as guilt as you do over making a choice you had no option, that person has a good heart” – Kai
This statement stay in my mind, sometime we do need to make difficult decision, where we do not have any choice, even we knew the decision is wrong, we gotta make it, remembered, you have no option.
Life is like a box of chocolate, you never knew what you gonna get, that what Forest Gump mother told him. But life is more complicated than a box of chocolate, you might get a empty box sometime, or a box that contain something else.
Please believe the “Good” in every human being, even though this statement is not true most of the time.

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