Movie Reviews by Alan Lim: Outside the Wire

Movie Reviews by Alan Lim: Outside the Wire

Outside the Wire, Anthony Mackie as producer and core star in this sci fiction action movie. The movie set in year 2036, somewhere in Eastern Europe, where the mission is to find out a brutal warhead and disarmed it.

Anthony Mackie as Leo, an advance Android Humanlike robot and Harp, played by Damson Idris as a Drone Pilot who being punished due to disobey orders. Both of them in the same team, and they need to complete some task and get the intel back to the camp.

Their camp in within a big wire wall, and outside the wire is very dangerous. Decision needed to decide staying alive or saving others.

(not as spoiler) The movie involved a lot of action, stunt, jump, gunfire and bomb. It make people think and discuss about the “need” of war machine, or war robot. The fundamental lesson learned from this movie is “PEACE”.

After watching Synchronic played by Anthony Mackie too, and now Outside the Wire, both are good movie. Do watch both movies, and you’ll never regret it.

Will talk about more on new movies, stay tuned.

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