Movie Reviews by Alan Lim: Serious Men

Movie Reviews by Alan Lim: Serious Men
Serious Men is based on the book of the same name by Manu Joseph, 2010. A movie that tells a story of Ayyan, an ambitious father and the son he presents as a genius, Adi. Ayyan, an underdog who desperate to escape the life that he having and change it to another level, which he consider as “Serious Men” with the help of his son, if he is turned out extraordinarily gifted. Adi can help their family to get away from poverty, away from the Chawl.
Who among us hasn’t committed to memorise a piece of trivia, a line of verse? This may not be done purposefully, but the unveiling is almost always to our advantage, benefit and to impress an object of affection or someone whose approval we seek. Ayyan make Adi to memorise theory about photosynthesis and galactic microbes, that cause a stir at school. And soon, the school offer scholarship to Adi to hold him in the school as he gifted as genius.
A simple thought in the beginning to brings family away from chawl and poverty with the help of Adi went uncontrollable when more people alert about the news and local Dalit Politician approaches them. Ayyan sense the risk/danger when Adi start being invited for Public Speech for the communities. When the lies being revealed, and the same time Adi can’t withstand on all the stress from the fame, Ayyan work to stop all these. Finally their family stay away from Mumbai City, and Ayyan is a father to a happy kid, Adi.
The story tells us, happiness isn’t build on what we “DON’T HAVE”, is build on what we “HAVE”. Money can’t buy happiness, yet happiness is priceless.

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