Movie Reviews : Polariod

Movie Reviews : Polariod
Polariod, the name of a Instant camera pop out in everyone minds. Of course there are more brand having Instant Camera, but Polariod is the only name in our mind when come to instant print camera.
This movie started with two teenagers found a Antique Polariod camera, took a photo, and the person in the photo died miserably, unexplained. In the movie, who ever appears in the photo captured by the camera, sure died. When the camera capture the photo of a person, there is a shadow in the photo, that the sign of the death.
The story of the camera belong to a Photography Teacher, later been mislead, explained to be owned by Teacher’s daughter. The teacher tortured his daughter and use the camera to capture obscene photos of her. Her friends notice about it, four of the “best” friend wanna helps her run away from her father but 3 of them being murdered and photographed, Teacher killed by the police before kill the 4th children. Teacher’s daughter knew about it, devastated and hanged herself.
The Teacher wife told another story, about the 4 “best” friend actually bully her daughter and took obscene photos of her, threaten her and lead her to hang herself. Then her father revenge her death, and kill the children.
Blah Blah Blah… Two open end stories, which have no explanation even at the end. We don’t know which one is right, which one is mislead. We only know the Devil in the camera being destroyed at the end, and the camera sunk into sea (another open end for the part 2, maybe).
I will rate this movie as 3stars, as the storyline is a bit lame and boring.

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