My First Health Screening at UMBI My-CRO Wellness Centre

My Health Screening at UMBI My-CRO Wellness Centre
Alan Lim at Front Desk

People use to say “Money can’t buy happiness.”, it is true in some point of view but not a universal truth. Money is very important to us, as long as we’re breathing, we need money to do lot of things. For me, there is another thing in life is more important than Money, that’s health. Without health, even you have lot of money also pointless.
I did my annual Health Screening to make sure my health is in good state. This year I choose UMBI Wellness Centre todo my health screening. Where is UMBI Wellness Centre? Kinda new name to you all, right?
UMBI Wellness Centre located in UKM compound.

When you reach UMBI Wellness Centre, you will see this signboard. There are road side parking allocated for health screening guest. You would not need to suffer and waste time for searching parking.

When I first look at the building, I asked myself 3 times, this is the Wellness Centre? As normal health screening centre located either shop lot or private hospital. This building is big, and tall, really awesome.

After parking the car, you need to register yourself at the lobby front desk. As they only do health screening for pre-registered patient/customer, they will have your name in their guest list.

I get the lucky number “23” (michael jordan 23), in mandarin 23 meaning “easy life”.

UMBI Wellness Centre located at the level 1 of the building.

Before enter to the centre, let take a selfie first…
My Health Screening at UMBI My-CRO Wellness Centre
Blood test is a must. They do it professionally until I don’t have much feeling of the whole process.
My Health Screening at UMBI My-CRO Wellness Centre
Body mass index testing. (don’t laugh, I knew I’m fat…)
There are few more test which is not able to take photo. But I admit, the whole process and every test done in a very comfortable manner.
My Health Screening at UMBI My-CRO Wellness Centre
En. Mohd Raziff Alias, Senior Science Officer of UMBI Wellness Centre. Thanks his time to explain all the details to me, from the beginning of everything until now. UMBI basically will email all the result to you by email, you don’t worry of loosing the health check report.
My Health Screening at UMBI My-CRO Wellness Centre
You will get the result email a week after the health screening, we don’t need to return to the centre to get the result, that’s the best thing (normally we need to get the report from the labs personally.
The package I took is the package below, it is a very good package with reasonable price. Imagine you can have so many testing in just RM150.
If you wish to do your health screening, you need to pre-registered. You can fill up the Registration Form.
PLEASE CALL 1-800-88-2007 FOR APPOINTMENT!!! (8.00 am -5.00 pm – Sunday to Thursday) | Call Or | Or self-registered at here (24 Hours) | VISIT US at for more information
My Health Screening at UMBI My-CRO Wellness Centre My Health Screening at UMBI My-CRO Wellness Centre

About UMBI Wellness Centre

My Health Screening at UMBI My-CRO Wellness Centre
UMBI Wellness Centre founded and established in Pusat Perubatan Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Cheras, UMBI Wellness Center is a reputable healthcare provider. We were established to meet the community’s growing demand for quality and affordable health care services. Ever since our institution, we have always done our best to meet our client’s health care needs, and we aim to continue providing our services for more years to come.
UMBI Wellness Center is committed to providing affordable, high quality, and compassionate medical checkup services to anyone in need. We offer numerous test that are personalized to your needs. From providing extensive screening services to helping you deal with chronic health conditions (if any), we have the support you need to not only get the treatment you are looking for but to also make sure that you can live a better life for yourself and your family.

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