New Age, New Trend: Online Learning from Online Guru Vince Tan, Dato' Norman Pang and Dato' Dr. Calvin Khiu

New Age, New Trend: Online Learning from Online Guru Vince Tan, Dato' Norman Pang and Dato' Dr. Calvin Khiu
New Age, New Trend: Online Learning from Online Lesson, where you do not need to travel miles to attend classes, avoid all the stress of traffic issue, and finding parking space. You can listen and learn the knowledge in your comfort place as long as internet is available.
There are so many ONLINE GURU or MOTIVATION SPEAKER in the world, and also in Malaysia, how to pick from the crowd? As you all know, there are so many fake GURU or sudden pop up GURU who do not have any track records that supports their lesson. We need to make our choice wisely.
Let’s see who is the top few famous speaker, Vince Tan, Dato’ Norman Pang and Dato’ Dr. Calvin Khiu. They are famous in Online Market, Sales and New Business Setup.
If you wish to learn how to do online marketing for your business, especially during this MCO time, as client will be more happy if they can do online purchase. And you need to know how to make your business growth better too, Online Guru will show you how to grow your business and how to expand it.
There something fundamental knowledge you need to know,
Setup Business > Business Operation > Marketing > Business expansion
Every business will go through this process, no one can escape it or avoid it. When you decide to start a business, you got to make up your mind, be strong to complete the whole process.
In this Covid-19 pandemic, everyone face a very difficult time, and we need to start adapt the new norm of life. Hope everyone single on of us do not lose hope, we will definitely back to normal again soon, very soon. All the best.

About Vince Tan

Vince Tan is the co-founder, and CEO of Shock Media Studio, one of the fastest growing digital agency in Malaysia.
At the age of 7, Vince started programming, and developed his first website when he was 12 years old.
A decade later, Vince built his first web design company called Webchitect, and started running it full time at 23 years old. He resigned from his first and only full time job as a lecturer in a local university.
Fast forward 2 years later, at 25, Vince had ownership over 25,000 domains, and had auto-generated over a billion webpages. During this period of time, he too, successfully pulled off 4 major online product launches, and generated a total over $1 million in sales within the first 7 days.
As a result of his success, Vince was invited to speak internationally at 27. He had the privilege to share the stage with notable figures, such as Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki.
After training thousands of students in 10 countries, and 20 different cities in online marketing, Vince decided to settle back in Malaysia, and got married at the age of 30. This resulted in him founding Shock Media Studio at the age of 31.
Since then, he has launched other notable startups, such as eduPOW and Social Property.
Currently, at the age of 35, Vince will be launching his book, and podcast titled “Delivering Awesomeness”. Get ready to learn to how you can build a culture of awesomeness for your company now!

About Dato’ Norman Pang

『創業過程』:2006年,由彭建偉領軍的NPG集團正式成立,NPG代表“Norman Pang Group”,是一家充滿活力、超越傳統、創新並有著豐富實戰經驗的壽險組織。從十年前的6名成員增加至今天的300人,NPG靠的不是人海戰術,而是以少量的精英,創造最大的業績。迄今,他共培育超過200位美國百萬圓桌會員(MDRT)。
『事業頂峰』:NPG在彭建偉的帶領下,成為壽險業內成長最快及生產力最高的壽險組織,他不但連續6年蟬聯世界華人保險大會國際龍獎之優秀主管白金獎及傑出經理冠軍;更連續8次榮獲 “全馬壽險組織冠軍”、5次「全馬直屬組織冠軍」、馬來西亞Allianz壽險公司旗下連續10年的冠軍組織。
『社交媒體』:彭建偉一直認為,只有自己在進步是不夠的,所以他透過各類社交媒體包括臉書(Facebook)、Facebook Live互動式平台、微博、微信(Wechat)、Instagram、部落格等,傳遞個人的成功經驗、生活觀點與心得,希望所有人和他一同成長,越做越好。
『座右銘』: “生命沒有Take 2。”對彭建偉來說,生命沒有「如果」、更無法重來,唯有思維可以重新彩排。

About Dato’ Dr. Calvin Khiu

MK Curtain Group Founder & Group CEO
1981 – Born in a low income single-parent family
12 year-old – worked as a child labor in an amusement park (Bukit Gambir, Johor)
16 year-old – worked as a hawker in night market at (Bukit Gambir, Johor)
17 year-old – worked as an LPG delivery man
18 year-old – worked as a fabric promoter
24 year-old – started his own business with liabilities
29 year-old – won the GOLDEN BULL AWARD for three consecutive years
30 year-old – won the JCI CREATIVE YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR AWARD for three consecutive years
32 year-old – be on the cover of the most influential Malaysia Finance Magazine – BUSINESS & FINANCIAL
2014 – being chosen as “the Special One” by the Special Weekly Life Magazine
32 year-old – being awarded as one of the TEN OUTSTANDING YOUNG MALAYSIANS
33 year-old – being awarded as the EY Emerging Entrepreneur of the year 2014
2014 – being chosen as one of the Malaysia Top 10 Most Admired Young Entrepreneurs by Top 10 Malaysia Finance Magazine
34 year-old – Various awards won including Golden Entrepreneur Award, Golden Eagle Award, SME Social Responsibility Excellence Award, Sin Chew Business – Retail Excellence Award & CSR Excellence Award, JCI SCR Award
2012-2015 – interviewed by various Malaysia TV stations including RTM(TV2) – Focus on Success; BERNAMA TV – HM (Helo MALAYSIA); ASTRO Kah Lee TV- History Maker, Ai FM – Outstanding Youth Interview
2015 – founded “MKAYE CHARIS CHARITY” to help the impoverished old-folks
2015 – MRCA Crown Awards 2015

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