New disinfectant chamber are open to sell now

New disinfectant chamber are open to sell now
Sometime, you worry wearing a mask is not enough, even with your hand glove you feel unsafe, now there is a innovative creation, a Chamber that can give you additional safety. Good?
New technologies and trends in sterilization and disinfection
The disinfection chambers are able to sterilize the human body from germs, bacteria and viruses.
The antiseptic spray used in the chambers resembles hand sanitizer fluid in its composition. It’s different from the disinfectant liquid used to spray public facilities and will not irritate your skin or eyes.
Feature :
– Automatic Sensor Spray System
– CERTIFIED disinfectant water with MSDS report
– Come with hand sanitizer & Holder
– 99% killed virus and bacteria
– Safe to use for adult & kids
– Come with warranty
– Simple and easy to use
– Able to re-fill to save cost
– Come with advertising graphic
Do contact : 010-2222 067 mike for more info, document and details
Limited stock available ! Grab it fast !

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