No Touch ‘n Go reload service at all toll plazas

PLUS to end Touch ‘n Go reload service at all toll plazas, to reduce congestion at toll plazas
No Touch ‘n Go reload service at all toll plazas seem like a simple step to implement and it can reduce congestion at Toll Plazas. Start from 5th November, there will be NO RELOAD for Touch ‘n GO at any toll plazas throughout whole Malaysia. This means all driver or highway user need to make sure the credit is sufficient at any point of time.
Based on the PLUS studies, the implementation of No Reload for Touch ‘n Go at toll plazas reduce congestion by more than 40%. But, based on my observation, the congestion become more serious and terrible, mainly due to the stubborn driver who ignorant about their credit in Touch ‘n Go, they stuck at Toll Plaza, and they need to walk to office for top-up which make the queue even worst.
PLUS highway have to understand certain way in between toll and toll totally without any Rest & Rest Area, OR any Petrol Station for driver to touch up/reload Touch ‘n GO. Such like, travel from Seremban Toll to Rasah Toll or Senawang Toll, there isn’t have any location for reload, once knowing the Touch ‘n Go insufficient fund, same time realise that there is no opportunity to do Top Up. That’s a serious issue.
Please make sure your Touch ‘N Go card have sufficient fund all the time before start to use any Highway with Toll.

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