Olympus to sell camera business to Japan Industrial Partners, JIP

Olympus will END its camera business in South Korea on June 30
Few days before Olympus say good bye to South Korea Market, they said to sell camera business to Japan Industrial Partners, JIP. Olympus which have more than 80 years of Camera Making and struggle for loss-making business. Olympus said the deal will be final by Sept. 30 and close the transaction by Dec. 31.
Imagine, a 84years old corporation who do camera making to make such decision is tough, and sad. Camera industry being hit very hard by all sort of competition, most important one is Camera Cellphone. People start to think they can do any photography with their cellphone, and camera become unnecessary item for most of them. Another factor might be cause by other competitors.
Anyway, it is a sad news where we’d learned another Brands will gone and listed in the History Book.

What you gonna say about it?