Pandemic Covid-19 in Malaysia

Pandemic Covid-19 in Malaysia
Pandemic Covid-19 in Malaysia never end, and never left too. If you looking at the graph above, the trend of cases getting higher these 2 weeks, mainly spread from Sabah recent cases. Now Peninsula infected rate is much higher compare to Sabah.
Are you worry when you see such trend? Why there are still lot of people hanging around happily without mask and don’t even bother to check in with MYSejahtera?

Pandemic Covid-19 in Malaysia
Today 3rd Oct alone is 317 new cases which break another records again, where yesterday is 287 cases break the previous record 277 cases few months back.
We urge everyone do follow the S.O.P. and maintain the social distancing practice all the time. It is not fun at all to have MCO 2.0 (as if) if the daily result keep on increasing.
Only go out todo shopping when necessarily for grocery or food or Order Food Delivery.
You can goto Food Delivery Station to find out the local food provider nearby you. Please stay safe and make sure the safety for your family members.
We had prepared some words of encouragement by Our Tunku Fauzi Malek, Renowned Entrepreneur, Celebrities and Friends. Hope for the best for everyone…
Encouragement words Part 1
Encouragement words Part 2
Encouragement words Part 3
Encouragement words Part 4
Encouragement words Part 5

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