Please do not destroy our beloved Doraemon

Kementerian Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga dan Masyarakat (KPWKM) take a lot of initiative to guide and helps the public during this Covid-19 MCO. Thank for all the efforts, we highly appreciate it.
In MCO, everyone is suffering, and more or less will happens quarrelling at home, between spouse, between in-law family, between parent and children. If the quarrelling in moderate level, that’s normal family matters (which family no quarrel at all?). If KPWKM wish to gives some constructive advice to avoid, to prevent domestic violence, we really need it. If the ideas is not constructive, or not make sense at all, please reconsider it again, or just keep it.
Most recent in one of the advice stated during MCO, family at home should be in harmony relationship, wife can use doraemon tones when talking to husband. That’s make everyone confuse as we all know, Doraemon suppose is a male character, as Doraemon sister always call him brother.
Please do not destroy our beloved Doraemon, let’s listen to the voice of Doraemon 1979. Doraemon don’t sound like female at all, and also not soft tones too.

Even in the Bahasa Malay version, Doraemon still a male character.

Maybe KPWKM wish to advice everyone to put in humour in our conversation like all “Cartoon” or “Animation” did. How nice if I’m Nobita, and I can have a Robot Cat Doraemon at home, dream too early.

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