PUBG Season 14 "Spark the Flame" is Finally Released

PUBG Season 14 Spark the Flame is Finally Released ALMedia Review
PUBG Mobile Season 13, which began on May 13, finally came to an END on July 12. With the conclusion of Season 13, fans can enjoys the new release of PUBG Season 14 now, which Tencent did a dedicated update for PUBG Mobile Season 14.
After the release of PUBG Mobile update 0.19.0 (which comes with a new map “Livik”), Tencent revealed its plans for the upcoming Season 14 Royale Pass. The new season started on July 14 at 7:30 AM IST, and just like any other PUBG Mobile Season, fans can enjoys tons of exciting new content/mission inside the Season 14 Royale Pass.
We definitely will have tonnes of fun with the new update and new release, let’s see what we will getting in this new season 14.
PUBG Season 14 Spark the Flame is Finally Released ALMedia Review
This new season 14 will be called “Spark the Flame”, and will include a new set of cosmetic designs. There will also be a number of new ‘Ancient Secret-themed’ modes as part of the season. Users will also get to buy an Elite Pass for 600 UC and Elite Pass Plus for 1800 UC. In addition, Tencent has also announced a collaboration with the Google Play Store to promote monthly subscription.
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All the new outfit line up is impressive which motivate player to continue play and gains RP to win over it, same time encourage player to purchase the Elite Pass to get more perks and awards after completing the mission.
The New Map Livik is typical smaller map with allows player to win the match within 15minutes, smaller map allows player to engage more fight in shorter time (No one can hide).
PUBG Season 14 Spark the Flame is Finally Released ALMedia Review
Here’s a look at everything that will you will get in the new season:

  • All-new themes, better level rewards, and new multi-form outfits.
  • To celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of Royale Pass, there will be a return of the Roaring Dragon and Dragon Hunter-themed rewards.
  • The RP Prime subscription collaboration with Google has been added and features both Prime and Prime Plus. Users will be able to subscribe to them simultaneously. It offers monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscription options.
  • A consolidated page for RP perks will be available. Users will be able to instantly check out consecutive purchase perks and preview other exclusive RP perks.
  • An RP Crate Luck Event has been added with exciting rewards.
  • There is a chance to display an RP-related message when returning to the lobby after a game.
  • Display of Airplane Ranking and other content in-battle have been improved.

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