Ramadan Timetable for 2015

9th Month in Islamic Calendar is called Ramadan month. Ramadan month is observed by all Muslims as a month of fasting to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad according to Islamic belief, and it also the month before Islamic New Year.
Since Ramadan Month is a Fasting month, fasting from dawn until sunset, while food and drink is served daily, before dawn and after sunset. The pre-dawn meal before the fast is called the “suhoor”, while the meal at sunset that breaks the fast is the “iftar”. Muslims try to strengthen their self discipline, increased their prayer and charity in this ramadan month.
Every year in this time, when getting near to ramadan month, the correct timing to follows is utmost important for all muslim friends. In Malaysia, everyone understand about Ramadan practices very well. During this period, many hotels having their Ramadan “Buka Puasa” (Breaks the fast) Buffet. We recommended one of the Buka Puasa Buffet by Istana Hotel Kuala Lumpur – Read more at RASA WARISAN RAMADAN BUFFET AT HOTEL ISTANA KUALA LUMPUR
Let’s come back to the Ramadan timing. Here I did some little surf and research on the timing, will share with everyone at here.
For my Hometown Seremban, here is the Seremban Ramadan TimeTable

Negeri Sembilan Seremban Ramadan Timetable
Negeri Sembilan Seremban Ramadan Timetable

For Senawang Ramadan Timetable,
Negeri Sembilan Senawang Ramadan Timetable
Negeri Sembilan Senawang Ramadan Timetable

For other location Ramadan Timetable can find it at Malaysia Ramadan Timings (Sehr-o-Iftar)
Different country or time zone have their own Ramadan Timing, please do not follows the incorrect one. you can find your own country ramadan timing in respective provider and please look for the reliable one. I beg in the IT world now, to find it won’t be a big issue, and hope you share with your friend the right one.
Anyway, Happy Ramadan to all my fellows Muslim readers

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