Respect 1,000,000 by Aesos Lai

Respect 1,000,000 by Aesos Lai
Covid-19 pandemic has brought challenges and disruptions to our lives which are unprecedented. It is heart-warming to hear of organisations or individuals who took up the initiative to spread positive vibes. In the difficult time, all we need to do is to help the needy, the sick one, at the same time give the full support and co-operation to the front-liner.
“Respect 1,000,000” is a 148-page PhotoQuote Book that contains a blend of inspirational photo-quotes and words of wisdom / personal messages from the authors, Aesos Lai and 35 friends. Aesos Lai, an entrepreneur who has written more than 950 quotes over the last decade, and Icon Lau, a freelance translator who had translated the quotes and messages beautifully into Chinese in this book.
This is a bilingual (English and Chinese) ‘easy-to-read’ PhotoQuote Book, which enable to reach out to more people, raise the awareness and same time paying respect to all front-liner, especially to the Doctors, Nurses and the unsung heroes, the Cleaners, who are also risking their lives just to ensure that everyone in the hospitals are always in a clean and sterile condition.

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