Royale Eden Goddess International

Royale Eden Goddess International 至尊绿化伊甸女神国际选举
Royale Eden Goddess International 至尊绿化伊甸女神国际选举
由马来西亚中国旗袍协会全球联盟诚意举办,ROYALE EDEN GODDESS INTERNATIONAL 至尊绿化伊甸女神国际选举是环球首屈一指以环保为首要的至尊国际环保女神选举正式开始!
Brought to you EXCLUSIVELY by Malaysia China Cheong Sam Association, ROYALE EDEN GODDESS INTERNATIONAL – World’s premier & pioneer eco-oriented pageant competition is on going now…

With the Vision to restore the pureness and beautiful global environment, creating a charming, successful, meaningful, motivating and healthy life, and lead women’s elegance and elegant enlightening the world.
此国际选举以还原美丽地球,齐缔创造魅力人生为选美宗旨,引领女性儒雅风采极致的成功启蒙选美盛会。参赛佳丽们都会在此选举活动当中充实和蜕变,广阔企业社交圈,还包括著名导师们亲身诚意献上8大激励与个人品牌实用课程系列, 经过增名人指导专业值培训,包括:
1) 网络红人主播专业教学
2) 专业形象,仪态,猫步培训课程
4) 高级速成班化妆专业教学
5) 专业口才与克服舞台恐惧感训练班
6) 极致现代个人品牌打造专业课程
7) 专业姿态培训课程
8) 环保个性化自制个人时尚饰品课程
Royale Eden Goddess International 至尊绿化伊甸女神国际选举
The participating pageants will be enriched and transformed with broadening corporate and social circle which includes renowned celebrity and influential instructors who offer 8 series of incentive and personal branding practical courses; through value-added training by industrial and celebrity expert speakers and trainers, through:
1) Online Live Streaming professional teaching masterclass
2) Professional Image, etiquette, catwalk masterclass
4) Professional makeup and styling masterclass
5) Professional stage and self motivation masterclass
6) Ultimate modern personal branding masterclass
7) Professional posture training course
8) Environmentally-friendly Personalisation self-made jewelry and fashion masterclass
The award-winning goddesses will be crowned and representing as world-class environmental ambassadors, pursuing and promoting global eco-friendly focused mission embodied with personal influential positivity lifestyle and values in the name of achieving true global beauty.
We are inviting and urging women from all ages between 18yo to 75yo to participate this glamorous and world-class pageant competition.
报名截止于Registration deadline: 20th November 2019
总决赛Finale : 20th December 2019 @ Grand Ballrooom, Wisma Huazhong, Seri Kembangan
欲知更多参赛咨询,欢迎联络 For more details, please contact via:
GG WONG (大会策划总监)@+60 16-393 9329 或
EMAIL : [email protected]

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