Seagate lay off another 6500 employees

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Based on news announced, One of the world biggest Hard disc manufacturer, Seagate going to go through a round of restructuring with the result of 6500 (approx) might lost their jobs.
Seagate said that this restructuring not due to financial issue, and company operation is fine.
Based on our editor observation, HDD market doesn’t shrink, just mainly due to capacity of individual HDD increased, eg. 2TB HDD can store many datas, and takes years to fill up it (normal usage rate). By this means one person buy a HDD and can use it for many years, sales of HDD sure drop.
Moreover the cloud storage is super hot cakes now, we mostly use cloud storage to store our data and with that we can access anywhere in the world. Easy and much more safe, safe from HDD damage, safe from HDD been stolen or many others factors.
Good Luck Seagate, all the best. God bless to all employees.
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