Sing along, Dance along with PPAP – PenPineapple ApplePen by Piko Taro ピコ太郎

Sing along, Dance along with PPAP - PenPineapple ApplePen
Crop from Youtube

Every must watch this video of PPAP, which stands for Pen Pineapple Apple Pen by Piko-Taro. Piko-Taro is, of course, not real. He’s a character dreamed up by comedian and DJ Kosaka Daimaou.
Late August of 2016, uploaded what would be Piko-Taro’s first Youtube video: PPAP, and the video had almost 4.3 million views on Youtube.

It has every ingredient for a viral youtube video: a simple but catchy track, an even simpler dance routine, nonsensical lyrics and of course the whole thing is hilarious.
After his PPAP video, lot of celebrities and fans follows and record their own PPAP. let’s watch the other…

Never the least, we have our local PPAP, by Amber Chia and her son,

Well done.
and our ONFM video,

I bet everyone keep on listen to all the video, you can sing and dance it automatically. Happy?
You can follow along with Piko-Taro on youtube and also on Twitter.

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