Singapore Famous Toys Youtuber, DCSG 81

Singapore Famous Toys Youtuber, DCSG 81

There are tonnes of Youtuber in the world, especially in Asia, yet not many Youtuber concentrate on Toy, those expensive toys. They teach everyone about the Toys, and sometime, they will show some hidden trick to do toys modification or adjustment, such like switching the body, clothes or even fixing the head to another body.
Their most popular video which have more than 25,000 views.

Is kinda enjoyable to watch their video as toy always male’s great friend. Most of the time we might not afford to buy them, looking at them in the video really feel good, some of them are rare item, not like those can see at any toy shop.

Heard that they actually producing video in super high speed, almost daily production, that’s really a hardworking youtuber in Asia. Most of the youtuber we interview before, only do paid job, paid video, they do have actually have the passion on what they are doing. DCSG81 is different, total different one, he is hardworking, passionate with things he do, and he loves doing it all day long.
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I’m a collector who do toys review, share tips & tricks and some how-to, as well as giving tutorial on some toy modifications and photography.
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