Spotify Greenroom Interesting and Fund Fact: 30minutes an applause gem

Spotify launches Spotify Greenroom, a Clubhouse rival

Spotify Greenroom launched on 16 June 2021, and very fast it had become popular and many of Clubhouse user hop over to try it out. Why it becomes a sudden hot topic in the community, and it make lot of people wish to stay overnight in Greenroom?

There is a gems system that is kinda interesting to people, where you can collect gems in Spotify Greenroom. Listeners can also virtually applaud speakers by giving them “gems” in the app, same for Speaker on stage can giving out gems too. The number of gems a speaker earned displays next to their profile image during a session, the longer you stay in a room. For now, there’s no exact meaning of the gems, or usage for it, maybe Spotify have some plan for it.

Today, Spotify Greenroom change the frequency for gem-ing from 5minutes per cycle to 30minutes per cycle. We expecting the changes for the gem system, but this changes surprise us too. Let’s do more chatting and talking now, and share our love (in term of gem) every 30minutes. Anyway, we still unsure the usage of gems and we will wait for the announcement by Spotify Greenroom.

Please do not do this:
Room hopping and become speaker to earn 1gem each time. Someone said to start 20rooms to speed up the gems earning.
Let’s say hoping 20rooms use about 30minutes per round, means you can get 1gem from host and give host a gem (excluded any other speaker in each room), which means you will get 20gems + 20gems become speaker in each room. You confirmed get 40gems in 30minutes.
Why not make a active room with 41 person include you, you still get 40gems per 30minutes and when the room size grow, you get more, which is better?

Spotify Greenroom ver 2.04 updates solve some technical and functional issue.

– Fix for speaker requests not loading in larger rooms
– Home feed can now filtered by your groups, and all groups
– Group searching is improved to help you find your interests
– No more shake to report; Thank you all for your user reports so far, please continue reaching out with any feedback you may have!

After this update, you can search the room based on the group you’d followed, it make the whole process become easier. There is a option “My Group” and “ALL” where you can see all the group topic room is short, same time can go browse “ALL” for any random topic on the floor.

This update removed the “shake to report”, but you can feedback your opinion or issue through [email protected]

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