Spotify Greenroom Interesting and Fund Fact: Branding Yourself

Spotify Greenroom Interesting and Fund Fact: Branding Yourself

In March, Spotify announced it was acquiring the company behind the sports-focused audio app Locker Room to help speed its entry into the live audio market. Today, the company is making good on that deal with the launch of Spotify Greenroom, a new mobile app that allows Spotify users worldwide to join or host live audio rooms, and optionally turn those conversations into podcasts. It’s also announcing a Creator Fund which will help to fuel the new app with more content in the future.

Existing Locker Room users will see their app update to become the rebranded and redesigned Greenroom experience, starting yesterday 16 Jun 2021. Spotify users will sign in with their current Spotify account information. They’ll then be walked through an onboarding experience designed to connect them with their interests.

Spotify Greenroom’s feature almost on par with other live audio offerings, especially from Clubhouse. Speakers in the room appear at the top of the screen as rounded profile icons, while listeners appear below as icons as well. There are mute options, moderation controls, and the ability to bring listeners on stage or put back to audience area during the live audio session. Rooms can host up to 1,000 people, and Spotify expects to scale that number up later on.

Is Spotify GreenRoom a platform for Branding Yourself? Can you promote your business and yourself in Spotify Greenroom? Is Spotify Greenroom a good place for social networking?

GreenRoom is a platform for Branding Yourself fully depends on how you use it. You use it to talk empty topic then it definitely would not help you in any possible way. If a brunch of people gather in a room to talk about joke, non essential topic confirm would not bring any benefit at all.

However, if you can make use of the Greenroom platform fullest, then it can helps you to build a group of fans or future prospect. In Greenroom, you can share your expertise, your experience and your business scope, where you can let other to know more about your business details. We believe your future prospect will definitely hear you. We trust that a successful business or branding started from a successful presentation, and now the virtual presentation happens in Greenroom. If you’re content creator, then greenroom confirm is the best methods for you to shine, to reach more people.

Few simple step you need to do in Spotify Greenroom:
1. Simple yet detail Bio in your profile
(is important to let people know about your job/profession/business)
2. Join room and be a speaker
3. Short self introduction (preferable keep it short in 1minute)
4. Active to participate the room discussion, share your opinion
5. Give constructive comment (remember no nonsense)
6. Respect everyone, no harsh words and comments
7. Be nice to everyone (anyone can be your angel)
8. Learn from others, try to get the max from the room discussion

In the name of Personal Branding, or Branding Yourself, you need to stand out from the crowd, need to talk, need to perform, at least you need to build your track record and achievement. In short, you need to let other know and understand about your “Works”, your “expertise” and your “Profession”.

What you gonna say about it?