Spotify Greenroom Interesting and Fund Fact: Haunted Chat Room with invisible man

Spotify launches Spotify Greenroom, a Clubhouse rival

Spotify Greenroom launched on 16 June 2021, and very fast it had become popular and many of Clubhouse user hop over to try it out. Why it becomes a sudden hot topic in the community, and it make lot of people wish to stay overnight in Greenroom?

There is a gems system that is kinda interesting to people, where you can collect gems in Spotify Greenroom. Listeners can also virtually applaud speakers by giving them “gems” in the app, same for Speaker on stage can giving out gems too. The number of gems a speaker earned displays next to their profile image during a session, the longer you stay in a room. For now, there’s no exact meaning of the gems, or usage for it, maybe Spotify have some plan for it.

When spotify greenroom getting more famous and popular, more user downloaded and join the community, it appears some system glitches. You will find a invisible man in the chatroom, listen their voice but you do not see them at all, no matter how you find them, same time you are receiving gems from them. We call that Haunted Room, but it is not… It is just another system issue.

We had identified Some of the issue/error or glitches as below,
1. Chatroom will lag or slow when speakers and listeners increased.
(Must keep room <100 speakers at one time)
2. User need to constantly refresh the room by Pull Down & Refresh.
3. Chatroom can last approx. 24hours, Chatroom will be unstable after 24hours.
4. One Host in each room and if the host dropline or leave room accidently, room will closed.
5. Speaker or listener leave room automatically without reason
6. When you leave a room and enter back again need to raise hand to go up speaker stage
7. Some speaker on the stage but he/she is invisible to certain people, but can hear their voice
(If you found you do not received any gem from others, please restart your app and enter the room again)
8. Spotify Greenroom system glitch, like a haunted room.
– a person talking in background of the room
– a music playing in the background
– Toilet sound in the background

There are more and will update when we found out more about the possible error. If you found the error or any issues, do shake your device and report it to Spotify.

Enjoys chatting in Greenroom.

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