Spotify Greenroom Interesting and Fund Fact: Who are you?

Spotify launches Spotify Greenroom, a Clubhouse rival

Who are you in Spotify Greenroom? There are so many different designation in Spotify Greenroom. All the User in the Greenroom come from different field, different background, different profession, and different world. You can understand them by going through their profile, is so fascinating to read about their experience, and listen to their sharing on stage.

Suddenly it make me recall a song from Savage Garden, Santa Monica chorus…

But on the telephone line I am anyone
I am anything I want to be
I could be a super model or Norman Mailer
And you wouldn’t know the difference
Would you?

Yes, when you’re on Greenroom, you really can be anyone, anyone you want to be…

You can be anyone, everyone…
1. Newbie, Freshman in society
2. Student, undergraduate
3. Entrepreneur
4. Businessman, Businesswomen
5. Coach
6. Master of everything
7. Comedian (Cold Joke)
8. Flirt Master
9. Blur Master (do not know what todo all the time)
10. Stingy person (ONLY receive gems from other and no giving out)
11. Content Creator, Artist or Singer
12. GOD or SuperHERO (he/she can save the world and everyone)
Many many more…

Everyone trying hard to impress other, trying to tell other that they are good in their particular sector, sometime they’re over promote themselves, sometime I have a feeling that I’m talking to a GOD.


What you gonna say about it?