Spotify Greenroom Interesting and Fund Fact: Why people join greenroom? For Gems?

Spotify launches Spotify Greenroom, a Clubhouse rival

Spotify Greenroom launched on 16 June 2021, and very fast it had become popular and many of Clubhouse user hop over to try it out. Why it becomes a sudden hot topic in the community, and it make lot of people wish to stay overnight in Greenroom?

There is a gems system that is kinda interesting to people, where you can collect gems in Spotify Greenroom. Listeners can also virtually applaud speakers by giving them “gems” in the app, same for Speaker on stage can giving out gems too. The number of gems a speaker earned displays next to their profile image during a session, the longer you stay in a room. For now, there’s no exact meaning of the gems, or usage for it, maybe Spotify have some plan for it.

Most of the people start to create room that gather lot of speakers and start giving out gem to each speaker every 5 minutes. That’s work really well until now, and it keep on going until further notice from Spotify Greenroom. Some user carry the over their gems from Locker room and that’s why you might find some people with more than 10k gems, you will be there too, just stay active on the speaker stage.

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Spotify Greenroom: Why people join greenroom? For Gems?

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