Stephen Choo being attacked and Blackmail 朱修健被人襲擊到入院,還被人勒索?!

Stephen Choo being attacked and Blackmail 朱修健被人襲擊到入院,還被人勒索?!
Taken from Stephen Choo Facebook Page

Stephen Choo being attacked and Blackmail 朱修健被人襲擊到入院,還被人勒索?!
In the video below stated that Mr. Stephen Choo had been attacked by few person, and during the attack, one of them is taking video, suspect it is a pre planned attack. Later on, he received a message from a person who blackmail him for 1 and half BitCoin. Stephen Choo had make a police report and he will not say yes to Blackmailer.
In the Blackmail message mentioned about other Entrepreneur Motivation Speaker, Adrian Wee and Dato’ Dr. Calvin Khiu, not sure what is the blackmailer intention.
Motivation Speaker, Investment Speaker or any Speaker lesson is to teach and guide people for Business/investment strategy, to follow or not to follow always is your own decision. Make your own choice wise, and do not put the blame to anyone if you’d lost money or wrong doing.

We are not clear what is the real reason behind all the plot, but we do not think bitten up people like this is a solution for a issue.

About Stephen Choo 朱修健
• 巴菲特精神传播第一人
• WCEI 世界华人企投家‧俱乐部会长
• 创新风投基金创始人
• WCEI 财商思维学创办人兼讲师
• 东南亚唯一华人和股神巴菲特交流超过 15 分钟
• 东南亚唯一华人和首富比尔盖茨一起打牌
• 富豪榜(马来西亚)游艇俱乐部名誉会长
• 股权专业投资人

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