Streaming PUBG LIVE, New Streaming Gamer Hayashi Alan

Streaming PUBG LIVE, New Streaming Gamer Hayashi Alan

When Pandemic hit the world, it make a lot more other industry speed up even faster, one of it is Game Streaming Live. Before pandemic, people do streaming live too, when everyone stay home, more and more pop up Game Streamer now.

Everyone have more time on games, streaming live is another good way to share joys with other, no matter they’re gamer or just love to watch people playing games (is actually very fun to witness the match, the good match, and the silly match gives more fun).

There is a new Live Streaming Gamer in our local community, and he do his streaming at PUBG Mobile Malaysia, do follow his facebook page and watch some silly gameplay with him.

PUBG Mobile Malaysia Official Facebook Page

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