Taylors Confessions: #TCP23556 3K pocket money not enough

Taylors Confessions: #TCP23556 3K pocket money not enough
How much allowance you guys get from your parents. I heard my friend his monthly allowance is 700, and I am…
Posted by Taylors Confessions on Tuesday, 8 September 2020

A topic that rise a lot of discussion and debates, some say why RM3000 not enough and some say is too much. The issue isn’t on how much the student’d spent or how much his parent allows him to spend, is matter how many of you, and you out there don’t even can draws RM 3000 monthly wages.
How much is OK for you? RM300 monthly or RM1000 monthly?
I have a college-mate who have RM600 monthly and he only spend RM50 weekly in order can bring his girlfriend for movies and dinner. Crazy right?

RM3000 as a student pocket money is too much or too little, is always depends on their parents, not us. Imagine a parent who earned RM6000 monthly, of course RM3000 is too much, how about a parent who earned RM6000 daily?
My personal opinion is we shouldn’t raise our kids in luxury way of life, as this will not train them to have money management, and time management. They don’t even know how to survive if without money one day. As a parent, as a provider for kids, we should know what is enough for their ages, and not never ending supply. You have to know, your never ending unconditional provide will become “priceless” “meaningless” and “not being appreciated” by kids.
RM3000 monthly as current economy condition, if he rent a room and live alone in the city, He only have RM100 daily (RM3000/30days). Yes, it is a bit luxury for a student, yet it is not too much for a student.

What you gonna say about it?