The F**k-It List, What the F**k in your list?

The F**k-It List, What the F**k in your list?

Movie: The F**k It List, Released on 1st July (US)

A movie that pop up in my recommendation list this morning, done it while having my breakfast. With no expectation on this “Comedy” film which later holds me for another 1 hour 43minutes, to understand What the F**K it list would be.

It started from a teenager who covered up his friends’ mistake and blown up all his hard work for his academic achievement. Unintentionally he created a “F**k It List” in social media which suddenly become a hot topic and his follower shoot up to 3million at the end. He make other realise their “Dream” or “Fantasy” or “Just another BullShit Ideas”, and very fast it being spread around the world, everyone just share their Fantasy F**k List with hashtag him. Please watch the video for all the fun, I do not want to be story spoiler.

In our life, everyone surely have a “F**k It List”, but no many of us will honour it. In the film it says, “What kills your future is fear.” It does for most of the people, Fear make us stop right in front of our dream, stopped few steps before your achievement.


I saw a comment about “F**k It List”, it is interesting and it is true, that’s why I would like to share with you here.

“Everyone have a F**k It List, and if you do not have the capabilities, wealth, or current successful achievement, the LIST is just another BullSh*t.

Yes, if you wish to have control of your future, you should equipped yourself with all kind of abilities and talents, or else the list is just a list of words which will never never happen.

What you gonna say about it?