The Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman
The Greatest Showman (2017), a musical movie based on true story of P.T. Barnum, the founder of Barnum and Bailey Circus. I knew I’m late by almost 2 years to watch this awesome movie. I’m glad that I did make a choice to watch it this morning, and it indeed a Greatest Show after all.

“No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.” -P.T. Barnum
Yes, indeed. If you’re doing as everyone is doing, you will definitely getting the same result. You won’t get different result from others, if you’re doing the same, worst case that you might get bad result too. Let’s put aside the real P.T. Barnum story, and focus on the movie storyline.
Barnum have a mind full of imagination, he dream about everything, which seem to be unrealistic to others.
“Men suffer more from imagining too little than too much.” -P.T. Barnum
Not only applicable to men, to everyone instead. You only suffer when you imagination is limited. Imagination can be as crazy as possible, because it is just an imagination. If your own imagination is limited, I really can not imagine how yours real life will be.

“When you’re careless with other people, you bring ruin upon yourself.” -Jenny Lind
I agreed with statement above fully. Careless will definitely lead you to doom. Jenny Lind admire Barnum because he can see her potential and trust her for real. Sadly that Jenny pull out from her music tour after discover that Barnum do not love her. Salute to Barnum for not being drifted, but mostly is because ONLY profit and lost stays in his minds.
“The noblest art is that of making others happy.” -P.T. Barnum
As I always say, MONEY always not the motivator of life, Happiness does. Noblest art is that of making others happy, well said. “Happy”, such a simple words which carry a big meaning and it is not easy to achieve at all. People on earth spent days, years, centuries to seek the path to happiness, and it never being found. Because the simplest happiness always lied in front of you.
“You don’t need everyone to love you, just a few good people.” -Charity Barnum
Barnum told himself that all his life being chasing after the all the fames and praise to affirm his success. He forgot the initiate of everything. Honest speaking, being the household provider, sometime might drifted, might feels lost, lost in direction, lost in decision, but we should not forget the initial ideas, and purpose. We’re human being, we’re not Saint, we need guidance, we needs advice, and most of the time, Failures brings us back to the origin.
It been a while to watch a movie with layers, layers of thought, where we can watch the movie in different perspective, different angle, different point of views.
What a great morning kick start with a Greatest Movie.

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