The Worst ways to Brand Yourself, to Brand Your Brands

The Worst ways to Brand Yourself, to Brand Your Brands
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Branding ourself, branding our brand always a trend in current market, especially for those famous product or celebrities. Branding is a methods to make yourself/brands being noticeable by public. Most of the time, branding to create brand awareness and as a marketing tools.

Anyhow, If do it in wrong ways, or improper ways, branding can kill you at once!
There are few worst ways to do branding.
Make yourself as GURU, MASTER or THE BEST in your field.
Many of you always introduce yourself to people as
“I’m the best salesperson in Kuala Lumpur.”
“I’m the best Technical Person in this company.”
“I’m the master of Photography in South East Asia”
By saying all these would make you become better or become more professional. It only led to a thought, “Who decide he is the best?”
Yes, who decide who is the best? By which standard?
This branding methods is the most being used now a day, and everyone think this is the most effective ways. No. This is the most childish way to tell prospect who naive is you.
Zombies Branding.
Zombies branding means you did the same methods as per everyone do, nothing special, your branding methods or slogan is like copy from textbook or some standard which people can see it everywhere. Repeatable branding won’t make your brands become better.
Over brag about Your Skills, Your profession.
I know you wish people know about your skills, your profession, especially when come to interview or meeting new prospect or client. Over brag about it, will only tell people that you ONLY know about this skills, and it sound like skill menu to listener. Skill without any result or proof, is just a skill without any track records. How to value how good you’re in that particular skill sets?
Above 3 are the example of Worst Branding methods, hope you won’t do it when you start your branding plan. Happy Branding.

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