To feed or not to feed stray dog in your neighbourhood?

To feed or not to feed stray dog in your neighbourhood?
Stray dog or Stray Pets always is the unfortunate one. Mostly due to irresponsible owner or unplanned reproduction. Anyway, stray dogs do little or more create issue to neighbourhood or society.
When come to the topic subject, to feed or not to feed?
Let’s see this case,
A house in a neighbourhood, they always feed the stray dogs, let them have proper meal and not starving. They do a good job, they’re good people. But at the same time, they create few issues.

  1. They put all the food on the road

This action make the road so dirty, and cause a lot of unpleasant smell to neighbourhood. Sometime stray dog carry the food and eat in front of other house, that’s create another issue.
2. Stray Dog gathering point
Their house already become the gather point for the stray dogs. Some kind like Stray Dog Townhall, every evening, all the stray dog will come and gather around waiting for food. Even after meal, they still wander around the area like security. This cause everyone worry to let children play out.
Based on case above, how you think about it?
We can feed stray dog, really. But please do it proper way, do it at the right methods. Do not make environment become unpleasant or dirty. And also please provide health food for stray dog, not those balance veggie or left over food. They’re stray dog, they’re not beggar, they need good food, and they deserve it.
I have a friend, she always keep some dry pet food in cars, together with food containers. She will go around work area or house area, if notice stray dog or cat, she will stop by and provide food and drink for them, she will put in container and feed them. If time allows, she will wait until they finish everything and pack home. I like her ideas, feed the unfortunate stray pets with the right and proper methods is utmost important.
Let’s feed the poor stray pet now…
If you found stray pets, you always can seek help at

What you gonna say about it?