Upclose with Alan Lim on Avanguardia Interview Session

Upclose with Alan Lim on Avanguardia Interview Session

Who is Alan Lim with the nickname Hayashi Alan? Can he fly? Does he has any superpower that can destroy the world or universe? OR he is just an unknown person who walk passing you every morning, yet you do not know him. On 18th Dec 2020, He been invited as Online Interview session with Avanguardia Group, a Online Show especially designed to interview professional from Art & Entertainment Industry.

Alan Lim self trained Commercial Photographer, Creative Director and Chief Editor in AL Media. He’d devoted the first decade as Mechanical Design Engineer, and as a Photographer for the next decade.

Why Alan give up Engineering to become photographer?

Alan loves to capture and freeze the “moment” and make it become eternity. Sometime, you capture not just a photo, is a moment that you witness, the moment you’d shared with someone special, and it might be the moment you wouldn’t want to forget about… From a hobbyist turns to become photographer, from normal photographer tu

Alan believes that a satisfying photography session is not just about taking good photos. He tries his best to bring joy and laughter to a client before, during and after the event. He always creates a happy, cheerful atmosphere and chases away your nervousness during the photo shoot. Even if you’ve never met him, you will feel at ease instantly in his presence because he is caring, friendly and easy to talk to. During important occasions like client’s wedding, he even acts as a time-keeper to monitor and make sure everything is on time.

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