What is the between LGBT, LGBTQ and Transvestite?

What is the between LGBT, LGBTQ and Transvestite?
What is the between LGBT, LGBTQ and Transvestite?
Before you move into the topic, we need to understand that every single human being on this earth have their own right to do their own thing without creating any trouble to others, or harm to others. As long as they do their own thing which do not directly or indirectly related to you, you and you should not give too much of attention on it, and move on to your own life.
If you’re ok with the topic, you can proceed for further reading.
Most of the people will consider all the term into a same “ONE” meaning. But it is actually so much different in between them. Even though LGBT and LGBTQ is similar, but it is different. LGBT stand for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender, where LGBTQ have a “Q” which stand for “Queer” or “Questioning” for the group of people who are unsure about their sexual identity.
What is Transvestite? Transvestite always refer to the person, typically a man who derives pleasure from dressing in clothes primarily associated with the opposite sex. Sound complicated, right? They do not have sexual identity issue, but they have special desire or needs to dress in opposite sexual clothes to be happy.
As I mention earlier, we need to accept every person equally in this world, no one is perfect and no one is worthless too. Respect needed for everyone. Below is a sample of people who do not understand the term of “Respect”…
IKEA Storstomma carrier bag 2
Recently IKEA come out a “Storstomma” carrier bag which create some havoc in Malaysian Netizen, some think it is not appropriate, and demand IKEA to remove it or else “they will refuse to buy IKEA Product” (for your information, IKEA entrance have a super long queue each day, where Malaysian die die wanna go in to do shopping). Storstomma ONLY available in the United States, Europe, Australia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. (according to IKEA Website)
IKEA Storstomma carrier bag

What you gonna say about it?