What is the Meaning of LOCKDOWN?

What is the Meaning of LOCKDOWN?
Yes, it might be not a FULL Lockdown as what China did last month, even some called it Partial LockDown, Restricted Movement or any other term, we need to understand why we need to do so.


No matter which term you prefer to address the current condition, you need to really understand the reason behind.
In February 2020, when Outbreak of Covid-19 (formerly known as CoronaVirus, Wuhan Virus) at China, Malaysia citizen urge government to stop entry of China Tourist, because we would like to top the virus from enter to our lovely country. Everyone start to buy face mask, sanitiser in mass, until total out of stock in the market. It look like everyone very concern about the Covid-19 and well prepared for it.
Sadly, you hardly can see people with MASK on the go around Malaysia. That’s is what happens in month of February 2020, where we have less than 20cases in Malaysia, and most of them are China citizen. We all let down our guard.
In end February and early March, the rise of the Covid-19 infected case in a faster pace, people start to worry again. Another round of face mask and sanitiser mass purchase across Malaysia, yet no much people wearing it on the street too. Big event still held, and big gathering around Malaysia without worry about Covid-19
Last week when the numbers jump up, and it consider lose control in Malaysia, everyone start to notice that this is serious, very serious. On 16 March 2020, when Our Prime Minister announce that we need to “Lock down, Partially Lock Down or Restricted Movement” from 18 March to 31 March 2020, people start mass purchase of foods and beverage at all supermarket.
Do you know that even during the Lockdown, Supermarket is open, Restaurant is open (only serve take away order, or delivery order), Medical provider is open and etc.
The Main reason of lock down is to avoid people to people contact at this period, to prevent further spread of the Covid-19. Everyone advise to stay at your home (not do back to hometown), to makesure you’re safe by not contacting/socialise with others.

Stay Calm, Stay Home, Stay Safe.

Today is the first day of LockDown, and seeing a lot of video in social network showing that people still open morning wet market, and restaurant still serving people dine in. By doing this, is endanger others, endanger yourself, endanger your family members. You’re not sure who are infected, suspected or those infected who haven’t show any symptom, contacting with people is the only way of the virus spreading, and yet you all are doing it now.
Please stay home. I knew it is tough to lot of people, we might lot our income, we might suffer financial issue, we gotta face a lot of issues arise. Think about it, if you’re sick, who will take care the family for you? And if you’re the one brings home the illness, who is the victim after all?
Let’s stay home, we hope all the bad time will go away soon.

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