WhatsApp Freeze after posting Whatsapp Status

Whatsapp Freeze after posting Whatsapp Status
Have you ever experience Whatsapp Freeze after posting a Whatsapp Status? After posting a WhatsApp status then your WhatsApp become stunt, and not loading at all for certain period. Based on my own experience, here are some possibilities for this issue.

Updating a WhatsApp status is like sending one board cast message to all of your saved contacts in one go…. let’s say you have 1,000 contacts on your phone and each contact takes 0.25 seconds to send then your mobile phone will be overwhelmed for few minutes. If you have very low RAM or the chipset is not the latest, then will takes much longer time compare to normal.

You should avoid to update your status in the busiest time, especially the period that great messages flow into your inbox, it will crash your WhatsApp and Phone for several minutes or longer. The more contacts the more likely if will be crashed.

To Unfreeze WhatsApp:

This is my own experience, if your WhatsApp is freeze due to the Status posting, I tried one method to unfreeze it. Please turn off your WiFi and Mobile Network, and then open WhatsApp, removed the Status you’d posted earlier. You’ll see the WhatsApp slowly back to normal.

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