When everyone can be influencer, who are you?

How Influencer make money easily
Influencer, KOL (Key Opinion Leader) or Celebrities is a group of professional people that make correct statement about a product, a news or statement that influence the listener/audience to take it as a guide in making decision.
For eg. Influencer/KOL ABC introduce a product in his facebook, Instagram or Live Video, he make certain explanation about the product and his own opinion on the advantage and disadvantage of the product, and their fans or audiences will based on their recommendation to make decision to buy or not to buy. Most of the Influencer / KOL will have more than 10K of fans or even more than that, who they will always trust his recommendation.
I witness so many hard working Influencer who really did their homework, manage their reputation wisely all the years, to ensure they really give the best to their fans or supporter. Another type of influencer is Blogger, they will blog about the product/food and talk about it in detail, to help the reader to understand more about it. There are a brunch of them, in term of Tech Blog, Travel Blog or Food blog, they work day in day out to write about their niche and help their reader.
Of course some of the post is “Paid Post”, as merchant pay them to recommend their service, product or food. It doesn’t matter, as long as they do it sincerely, that’s will be a good reviews.

Now When everyone can be influencer, who are you?

You will see a lot of people called them-self as INFLUENCER or some even tell you that they are KOL. They will tell you that they have few thousand followers (where just 5000 plus plus) and their LIVE Video has 100K views (accumulated don’t know how many months). They can help you and you product, and even help your product branding by posting your product in their page, or they help you todo a Facebook LiveShow.
They have supporter because of their business nature and not because of their influential ability. Their supporter might support them because they are their client, their friend, because their origin profession, eg. Beauty Queen, Speaker, Writer, or Joker. Supporter support for the sake of support, and they won’t get affect by their post or Live video. These is call sleeping supporter, and the total number these is meaningless.
Some so called Influencer Facebook LIVE can only retain less than 50 person at one time, but they would not tell you that, they will take the accumulate numbers of 1-2hours LIVE views to show you, maybe 2000views. Some so called Influencer facebook post not even have more than 1000likes and shares, their page even less than 10k likes and followers.
Few of the radio station had discussed about this scenario, and they invited the KOL coach to be their guest to talk about this issue.
This interview discuss about similar topic.

When everyone is Influencer and KOL, it defeat the true meaning of it, even worst it damage the true value of Influencer and KOL.

What you gonna say about it?