When you're nobody, really nobody know you.

When you're nobody, really nobody know you.
Old Folk said that when you have a lot of friends, you will have better friends’ network. You will have better chances to keep in touch with latest information, better business opportunities, and better life. Old folk keep telling you, and you trust this is the universal truth, and you make it as life’s principal.
Now there are so many Online classes teaching you about Online Marketing, Investment, Property Investment, and Business Networking. Even though all the classes teach different subject but they have a common similarity, they will tell you, the more people you know, the better opportunity you have, and they will teach you how to make your friend network bigger and stronger.
All the Online Guru will form a very big network and group which consist all the students and some of the business big shot, and tells you that this is a B to B (Business to Business) gathering, where you can/might do business matching. No matter how many times you attended the gathering, and how many times you do business presentation, you still not manage to do a successful business matching, why?
When you’re nobody, really nobody know you.
Guru would not tell you that if you are just a “NOBODY”, no matter you are in a group of Big Shot, they would not notice about you, and they would not have any intention to do business with you. Guru teach you the methods to become strong, but never tell you that on the way become strong, you are still NOBODY,  and no one will bother you.
You need to upgrade yourself, you need to make yourself shine, build your strength, overcome your weakness. You would like upgrade yourself by just attending few classes, few seminar, few course, or spent few thousand, hundred thousand for courses. Those course only a guideline for you, a guideline to the path of success, no a short cut to success.
Stop Dreaming, start work on your business now, work hard until you become somebody.

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