Why Will Writing is important for you and family

Why Will Writing is important for you and family

You been working very hard to earn your fortune, you started to build up your career, your business empire from scratch, you wish to leave a legacy to your children, children’s children. But, how?

For all the time in your life, you had spent most of your time in work, you wish to get the best result out from all the hard work, you wish to be rich, financial freedom. Never the less, you wish to have a better lifestyle after retirement. Everyone wish to maintain the same lifestyle after retirement, you do not wish to lower your life standard and live poor .

You wish to left behind a legacy, a hard earned money to your kids, you wish them to have it and live a better life, at least start their life in more easy kick start. But, how you make sure they will have it, and have it at the right way?

Will writing is the ONLY methods to make sure your wealth can safely, surely deliver to your beneficial hand.

Will writing in such young age? Are you serious? (you will ask this question if your age below 40 year old)

Will writing can be done at any age, as long as you are ready to do it. You will never know which day is your last day in this world. Maybe 10 years later, maybe 20 years later, or maybe tomorrow, no one can tell which date, when and where.

Will writing is the last love letter to your loved one. A last arrangement for them before you depart from this world. Will writing is like a SOP after life, a procedure to follows, to guide all the beneficial after your departure.

Do you know that your estate would not automatic transfer to your beneficial after your departure. Under Civil Laws/Shariah Laws, beneficial need to obtain letter of probate from high court, then only can start all the estate arrangement procedure.

If you died without a proper will.

Before you get the letter of probate, there are a lot more of works todo if the estate moveable and immovable value  is more than certain amount, you need to find 2 sureties (who have equivalent value of moveable and immoveable with distribution estate). It is so hard to find such 2 sureties in this world, as if anything happened in the distribution process, executor runaway with the money, court will take sureties’s moveable or immoveable to replace all the loses (who want to be your sureties or guarantor, who willing to take up all the risk?)

Beside sureties, you need a executor to manage all the process and related matter, executor can be anyone in the beneficial name list with consent of all beneficial. To decide who to become executor sometime take years to finalise as everyone do not trust on others. The executor need to take up all the responsibilities to do all the necessary work in order the estate is well distributed. (Who want to work extra miles to do all the trouble?)

You can avoid all the troubles above if you have a proper will writing. You can avoid your beneficial from facing all these troubles. Do not repeat all the possible mistakes that other did. 

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