Wuhan CoronaVirus News, leaked video or fake video?

Wuhan CoronaVirus Outbreaks
While everyone is concern on how to get away from China, how to cure the illness, there are few video being forwarded from people to people related to Wuhan CoronaVirus.

This video said that there are people suffer chest pain or breathing issue short before the outbreaks. Due to money constraint, they can’t get the proper test and treatment.

This Video said that the condition being reported in News and the real condition in China is a total different. In Video shown some people actually died along the Hospital walkway and no one actually handle it.

This is the video broadly transmit in Whatsapp and Facebook. A person believe to be a medical personnel told the actual condition China facing.

I’m not sure about how true the videos above, I believe some true beneath under the sun. We would like to know the actual condition. Covering the real fact do not help to solve the issue, and it will make it worst.
If you, you and you have any information, do let us know. thanks.

Please take precaution action at home or at outside.

  1. Always make sure your hands are clean and dry
  2. Use Sanitiser to make sure hand is away from bacterial and virus.
  3. When sneeze or cough, please use Tissue to close the mouth and nose, and throw away the tissue after use.

Avoid to:

  1. Don’t goto crowded place and location. Please wear mask
  2. Do not goto Hospital, Please wear mask and keep washing hand
  3. Do not touch any wild animal or eat them.
  4. Please make sure all the food and water is cooked included Milk, Eggs or Meats.

If you are not feeling well, faster goto seek doctor advise.

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