Wuhan CoronaVirus Outbreaks

Wuhan CoronaVirus Outbreaks
Wuhan CoronaVirus Outbreaks news is the top most important issue now, every minutes or hours we’re seeing updates from Mainland China and Malaysia.
At the moment, in Malaysia we have 3 confirmed cases, and they’re not Malaysian. Proper arrangement for these 3 person is done, and we hope that we able to contains the issue. Now the main issue is, who ever keep in touch or contact with these 3 people, please step forwards, monitoring procedure have to be carried out to ensure there is no further spread of the CoronaVirus.
Let’s see the statistic updated by Channel News Asia on 26 Jan 2020.

Places Confirmed Cases Reported Deaths
China 1372 41
Thailand 7 0
Hong Kong 5 0
Australia 4 0
France 3 0
Malaysia 3 0
Singapore 3 0
Taiwan 3 0
Japan 2 0
Macau 2 0
South Korea 2 0
United States 2 0
Vietnam 2 0
Nepal 1 0
TOTAL 1411 41

Above is the confirmed cases data, the unconfirmed cases or suspected cases numbers is much more higher.
There are some news you should know now,

  • China moves to restrict travel, including tours abroad.
  • Fifteen more deaths are reported, including a medical specialist.
  • Xi Jinping, China’s leader, says the nation will ‘beat the epidemic.’
  • U.S. orders the evacuation of American consulate employees.
  • Hong Kong declares a state of emergency and shuts schools.
  • People without symptoms could be spreading the virus.
  • China is building two hospitals to fight the outbreak. Projected completion times: 10 and 15 days.

The condition is getting out of hand now, shortage of medical equipment or medicine is another issue faced by China medical team. All the medical related staff being ordered to cancelled the Chinese New Year leave and back to work, to help in Hospital or facilities for confirmed cases segregation.
Most of the tourist spot in China temporary closed to avoid public crowd and avoid people to people contact. Everyone being advise to stay at home, do not go out if possible. This action makes the city area become so quiet and empty with people. Bus and other public transport service for certain city had been suspended.
We do not laugh on this issues which involve life and death, we should hold hand together to overcome this crisis. Salute to all first line medical personnel, be it at Hospital or any location working hard to solve this issue.
Let’s pray together for the Wuhan people and people who are suffering from this virus.
** alifebe.com will continue updated new info of this Coronavirus outbreaks.

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