Wuhan Virus Vaccine need more times to develop

Wuhan Virus Vaccine need more times to develop
Based on SinChiew Jit Poh News, Wuhan Virus Vaccine need more times to develop. The expert said will need more process to confirm the real vaccine. Even if confirm the vaccine, it needs half month for inspection and testing, and after that at least one and half months for the approval process.
It claims that this coronavirus showed many differences from previous coronavirus, which includes SARS. Some difficulties in finding the source of infection.
They advise everyone avoid to go crowded place, pay attention to indoor ventilation, wash hands and wear masks.
They also clarified that the rumor that “drink alcohol and steaming white vinegar” can prevent this new virus infection. She said that it was baseless and could not achieve the effects of prevention and disinfection.

Please do not spread fake news, fake methods and fake information on Coronavirus 2019-nCoV. That will just make this situation worst, and cause unnecessary riot.

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